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Two things happened to Dundee’s rail line.

It was torn down, and then it was rebuilt.

The first was the first time that rail lines were put back together in nearly 100 years.

The second was a bit of an anomaly in rail history.

An emergency brake was installed in a section of the line that was built in the early 20th century to stop trains from moving dangerously near the end of the tunnel.

But when it failed, the entire line, including the section that had just been rebuilt, was abandoned.

“It was like a giant car wreck,” said John Murray, who was the chief engineer of the reconstruction project.

“We had a big pile of debris all over the place.”

In the end, about 3,000 tonnes of concrete was dumped into the tunnel, including some of the train cars, some of which had been sitting there for decades.

There were no plans to rebuild it, Murray said, so the work was done.

The rest of the track is still there, though the work has been put off.

“I’m sure we’ve got some new tracks in there somewhere,” he said.

“The rail is very, very old, and the tracks were not even there when we were putting them in.”

But Murray is a fan of the railway’s history.

“When I was younger, there was a big debate in Dundee about whether to keep it, or not keep it,” he says.

“So many people were going to build a railway, and not a railway station, so it was a very emotional time.”

The next train on the line The next time the Dundees were at full speed, it was not the trains that came through the station, but the trains from the new line.

“You can see the new trains going up and down,” said Murray.

“In the first few years we had a lot of passengers coming through Dundee, so that was a real big deal for the city.”

There were many passengers on the new train, many from the Northern Ireland capital.

Some from Dundee.

But the new station is now home to a different kind of passenger.

An official visitor is invited to sit down on a seat, as well as a visitor card that gives a passenger access to the station’s concourses and other facilities.

“There’s also a lot more people coming through now,” Murray said.

It’s not just the people that come through the new track.

“They come through in a different way,” he added.

“Sometimes they’re just coming in to catch a train.

Other times they come in to sit in the car and just enjoy the sights and the sights.

They’re happy to be there.”

The city of Dundee has seen an increase in tourists from overseas since the end to the construction of the new railway.

Murray said it was important to note the effect the new tracks have had on the local economy.

“If you take the people who come through, they’re a different breed, they might have never been to Dundie before,” he explained.

“And that’s the main reason why they want to come back.”

He also said that visitors would want to return to the city in the future.

“What I hope people will take away from this is that we’re all still here.

There’s still something about Dundee that makes us proud of,” he concluded.

“Because we still have a place in the world.”

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