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The answer to that question is more nuanced than the average consumer may realise, and it comes down to personal preference.

“We’re constantly evaluating how we can bring more games to our platform, and we want to continue to grow the platform, too,” said Mr. Srivastava.

For example, the company is looking at how to offer more games that can be played offline or on mobile.

“When we launched the platform in 2016, we focused on the mobile market because that was where the majority of our business is,” he said.

“The majority of people who use our platform play our games on mobile devices.”

Mr. Raghavan added that, at the moment, the service is only available in India, the country with the largest smartphone market share in the world.

“I think there is an opportunity to expand our reach to the entire world by creating more apps that are accessible across platforms,” he added.

“If you think about how you play games online, that’s really the main thing you need to know about our platform.

We want to expand that.”

The company’s latest game, The Last of Us: Left Behind, was released last week, and is already making waves.

It is available in a range of different languages, including English and Chinese.

But one of the big selling points for the game is its online component.

“Right now, we are seeing that a lot of people are downloading our game from outside of India,” said Srivashastava, adding that the service allows players to access content from outside the country.

“A lot of these people have their games on Xbox Live, or on their mobile devices, but they are using them on their PC or their smartphone.

We are not going to be able to deliver this content at the same time as we do offline content, which is the key part of this game.”

He added that the company hopes to be “one of the first to offer a full-featured game that is accessible across all platforms” in the future.

What about other games?

For games to make it to the platform beyond India, there are some additional requirements that need to be met.

“One of the biggest issues we face is finding a good partner for us,” he explained.

“There are a lot companies who are not interested in offering us an option to create their own games.”

He said that he has had to find a partner that can work with the company on a full range of projects, including multiplayer games.

The Last Of Us:Left Behind is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.

“Our partners are not always interested in this kind of game, but we have to do what we can to find them,” he continued.

“In the future, we hope to launch games on multiple platforms.

That’s a huge focus of ours.”

You can see all the details about The Last Asphalt, Left Behind and The Last, as well as the games coming to The Last as a standalone app, at http://www.games.ttln.com/thelast.

The company will also be releasing a new game called The Last Man on March 14.

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