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A train operator is trying to find the perfect railway sex service for his clients.

In an effort to increase his clientele, the train operator of a Pacific Railway train in Victoria, Australia, has installed a hidden camera in the car to capture the most intimate of sexual acts on the trains.

This is what it looks like: The train operator, who goes by the name of Mr. John, is using his own camera to film what he describes as a very intimate sexual encounter on the train.

The experience is all part of a private investigation into the behaviour of some of the railway’s staff.

Mr. John said the first time he went on a train, he felt extremely uncomfortable and uncomfortable alone, so he went to a nearby restaurant to meet up with a group of male customers.

He said they were all extremely horny and he was very turned on by it.

It was at this point that he realised that there were no staff to help him.

‘I realised that we were all alone, we were alone in the train, and so I sat down and went on my knees and pretended to give myself to one of them,’ he said.

When he finally got on the next train, a few weeks later, the crew came and said they had been looking for him.’

I was like ‘Oh my god, I’ve got nothing to do, I’m just going to be sitting here all alone’.’

Then they told me I was not allowed to have sex, and I felt very uncomfortable about it.

It was very uncomfortable.’

‘They were saying it was very offensive and degrading, and that I was being too sexual and I was too young.’

The following year, the staff decided to start a “sexual wellness” program.

According to Mr. J, they put a camera on the front of the train and the video showed the train crew touching themselves.

They said that was because they were being filmed by a trained train attendant, and they did not want to cause any offence to the crew.

So, Mr. JOHN has since made a recording of himself on the cameras and is sharing it with his clients on social media.

His first clients, some of whom he is working with on a new private investigation, are now paying him to record their sex acts on video.’

If you want to get off, you have to be a bit more open, you’ve got to be ready to say no,’ he explained.

If you have any questions about sex or sexual health or sexuality, contact the Rape Crisis Line at 1800 737 788 or visit www.reclaimsexualhealth.com.au.

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