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Posted April 20, 2018 04:04:06 Rail companies that own the rail infrastructure that powers Vancouver and Vancouver Island could be charged under B.S. Civil Code sections 3.2(1) and 3.3, the BC Civil Liberties Association said in a statement.

B.C. Attorney General Suzanne Antonovich said last month she is also considering criminal charges for those involved in the BC Rail Infrastructure Investment Corporation (BRIIC), which owns the BC Pacific Railway.

“The BRIIC is now under the Criminal Code, so they are now under BACL and I’m asking the Attorney General to examine them, to ensure that B.G. (B.N.) continues to protect public safety,” Antonovich told reporters.

“I think the criminal process would be appropriate, and we’ll get into it.”

Antonovich did not say what she wants to charge, but she added that it is important to ensure the BRIIGIC and B.V. Railway are not used as a vehicle for criminal wrongdoing.

“We want to make sure that there’s a thorough and independent investigation into these entities,” she said.

The B.N. Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure said in an email to The Canadian Press it has no comment on the legal matters being investigated.

The B.R.A. is also investigating the B.A., which owns BC Transit, as well as the BBRTC and BNSF, which are responsible for the Bayshore Line and Metro Vancouver.

The BBRT has also been under scrutiny since the BCT, the rail operator, was found to be in breach of B.M.E.E.’s Code of Conduct for Train Operating Engineers and Safety Officers in 2016, when a train struck a pole and broke into three pieces.

After that incident, the Bancroft Mine, which was part of the B&B rail corridor, was closed for more than two years, and a second mine that was part to the BTRC was also closed.

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