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The East Coast Railway is on the verge of shutting down after the Trump administration’s Department of Transportation proposed sweeping changes to the rail system’s management structure.

The proposal would gut the agency’s authority to manage train service in the United States and instead let the federal government manage the system through the Department of Transport.

That could mean a dramatic increase in staffing and other costs, and a reduction in revenue to the government.

The Trump administration has been a vocal critic of the East Coast Railroad, arguing it’s a vital transportation hub for commuters who rely on its commuter rail lines and regional rail networks.

Its board members say they will continue to fight to save the railway from shutdown.

The agency is the nation’s largest passenger railroad, with more than 2,000 tracks in operation and over 100,000 customers.

The agency was founded in 1911 by the Federal Railroad Administration to manage freight and passenger service on the East and South American Railway lines.

The railway operates the busiest rail system in the U.S., serving more than 50 million people annually.

The proposed changes to its management structure are being met with opposition from local residents and members of Congress.

The rail service is in the middle of a $6 billion bond election, and some of its most vulnerable members are worried about a loss of revenue and the impact of the administration’s plan to overhaul its business practices.

“The [East Coast] train is one of the most important systems in the country.

We’ve had no choice but to stay in business, and we’re going to keep fighting for our rights and we will keep fighting,” said James Brown, the CEO of the West Florida Railway Association, which represents about 4,000 workers.

Brown said he doesn’t see the proposed changes as a big threat to the industry’s survival.

“I don’t think there’s anything to worry about.

The industry is resilient,” Brown said.

“I think the most vulnerable workers are the ones that have the least financial security.”

The proposal comes as the Trump Administration seeks to dramatically change how the railways operate and how much of the federal money that is being spent to help them survive.

The Federal Transit Administration has been asked to submit an estimate by the end of the year on how much federal funding will be available to support the East-South American Railway.

The proposal includes eliminating funding for the rail agency’s regional rail lines, which are not subject to any federal oversight and are considered vital to the nation.

The changes to train management, if approved, would mean the agency would be forced to slash the budget by half to $9 billion.

It would also leave the rail service vulnerable to a loss in federal funding.

The railroad would be able to make payments through its regional rail system, which operates a number of lines in Florida, but the federal funds would no longer be available.

The railroad also would be barred from operating trains within the federal transportation jurisdiction.

It would be a dramatic cut to the agency, which is responsible for operating the entire system, and potentially a loss for the entire state, said Jim Wills, who manages operations at the railroad.

The East-Southeast Railway, which connects Miami and Orlando, is one the nation and the U

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