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When Canadians feel the pain of a natural disaster, their response is often to get on their knees and pray.

When a natural catastrophe strikes the economy, the answer is not to pray, but to do something about it.

Canada’s population is a tiny fraction of the size of the United States, yet its economy is so large and the number of people in need so great that its government has been given the power to step in to fill the gaps.

This week, that is the case with the government’s decision to make a huge investment in a rail project in the province of Manitoba.

But the move was not meant to be a symbolic gesture, nor a sign of unity.

Instead, it is meant to demonstrate that Canada’s government has the power and responsibility to make the necessary decisions to support the economic recovery, to help those in need, and to make sure that we do not go backward when things go wrong.

That’s exactly what this government did in its response to the Great Bear Rainstorm.

This project is part of a broader effort to build a railway system that will serve as a bridge between the two countries, connecting people to work, play and tourism.

It will help to make it easier for the region to grow and prosper.

This is why the federal government made a $7.5-billion commitment to the project, including $1.6-billion for an infrastructure bank.

The funds are going toward two key pieces of infrastructure: a major rail line to connect the province to Manitoba, and a new bridge that will be able to accommodate an additional 50,000 passengers a day.

The railway bridge will be a key link between the province and the rest of Canada.

This bridge will provide access to the Port of Winnipeg and to the airport, allowing us to open our borders to trade and to more tourists and people from all over the world.

But what makes this bridge a key part of this broader plan is the fact that it will be built at the end of the next decade.

It is also a key component of a new transportation policy that will bring in more Canadians to the country over the next three years, as we move into the new millennium.

The provincial government has agreed to build this bridge, and the federal and provincial governments have committed to a similar plan that will connect the city of Winnipeg with the airport.

This will bring people to the province, increase tourism, and create jobs for Canadians in this part of Canada as well as across the country.

This kind of project is an example of the kinds of things that Canada is doing to make life better for the most vulnerable Canadians.

These projects help the country to grow, grow in economic size, and provide the kind of infrastructure needed to help our economy to be stronger and better able to support a more diverse and prosperous society.

But it is important to recognize that the federal, provincial and municipal governments have been given a lot of power to do these things, and they have made some very important decisions.

These decisions have been very, very difficult.

But in the end, they have had the best of intentions.

In the wake of the Great Storm, we saw an unprecedented surge in emergency declarations, a huge spike in police numbers, and massive damage caused by fires and flooding.

Many people lost their lives.

Many more were displaced.

It was an extraordinary time.

But at the same time, we had an unprecedented economic recovery.

The Canadian economy recovered, and we started to recover from the Great Recession.

This recovery has helped Canada become a place that people want to visit and work and live in.

But there are still a lot more people who need help.

There is still a huge amount of work to be done.

The federal government has made some really significant commitments to help rebuild the economy in the next few years, including the new infrastructure bank and the reopening of some of our ports.

These programs are going to be essential to helping Canadians get back on their feet and to help build on the gains made in the past few years.

But if we don’t get the right infrastructure, and if we continue to have some of these disasters that happened in the aftermath of the last decade, then we are going in the wrong direction.

This means that we need to build more infrastructure to get Canadians back to work and to provide better access to jobs.

There are many areas in which we have made important progress over the past decade.

We have made our economy more competitive, and that is important.

We’ve been able to bring down our debt.

We now have a strong economy, one that is creating more jobs and generating more income.

And we have done so by reducing the amount of energy and capital that we are using.

But those gains have come at the expense of other aspects of our economy.

In other areas, we have not taken the steps necessary to rebuild our economy and rebuild the public finances in a sustainable way.

We need to rebuild Canada.

We will do it by investing

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