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The future of British Rail is being looked at as it tries to keep up with rising demand from passengers, especially in the UK and around the world.

The country has an ageing population, with people living longer than the average age.

And while there’s a shortage of trains, many people do still travel in train.

British Rail’s CEO Simon Thomas has warned the country will need to upgrade its infrastructure if it wants to keep pace with demand.

The company is hoping to increase capacity on the line by 20% to 60,000 vehicles a day.

A new rail terminal at Harrow could allow the company to make that much more, though the exact number of trains and the frequency will depend on the size of the terminal and whether it can be built.

“We’ve got to look at all the alternatives,” said Thomas.

The company has plans to build two terminals at Harwick and Wrexham.

And with a record 7.4 million passengers in 2015, the company is in the midst of its biggest expansion since it opened in 2006.

At Harwick, the line will include a new passenger terminal, which will be capable of holding as many as 40,000 passengers.

This new terminal will be part of a wider project to build up to 600 new cars a day, which could potentially increase capacity to more than 1 million a day by 2035.

That would put the country in line for a peak annual increase of more than 70% in passenger numbers by 2040, with the most recent figures from the Office for National Statistics showing a rise of 20.7% last year.

As for Wrexbury, which is already a major train hub, it will see the new terminal expand its capacity by up to 60%.

But it is not all good news for passengers.

A second terminal will mean that train journeys will need a third stop, which would have a knock-on effect on passenger numbers.

Thomas told CNN it was not clear whether the company would be able to build the third stop and the trains would not run as much as previously.

It would not be until 2035, when the new train terminals would be ready, that the new facilities would be built, he said.

So, in the coming years, the future of the rail network will be shaped by whether trains can cope with the demand.

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