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Fox Sports has the latest coverage from Vermont railway series with the first episode premiering Sunday, March 12 at 9 p.m.

ET/PT on Fox Sports Go. 

A total of eight trains will make their way to the New England area.

The train’s destination will be Vermont’s “Cog” station.

The Cog station is a new station with the longest track in the entire state of Massachusetts. 

Vermont is expected to have one of the best track networks in the state, according to Vermont Railway’s CEO and president, Brian B. Stadler. 

“We’re expecting this to be one of our strongest series to date,” Stadling said. 

The Vermont series will feature the trains from the Great Western Railway Series, including the Vermont-Cog series, the Vermoore-Vermont series, and the Vermont-Vermoore train. 

Newly renovated Vermont train stations are expected to open in March, while other train stations will open in the coming weeks. 

Stadling noted that the Vermaros train stations in the future will have a new entrance and will be equipped with restrooms, but for now, there is no word yet on when those changes will take place. 

All Vermont trains will be powered by the same brand of hybrid engine used in the Cog train, which means the Vermouth is likely to be a commuter train. 

 Stadler said the Vermortons will be a new experience for Vermont commuters. 

 “Our trains are more comfortable and faster, which helps keep our customers on track,” he said. 

  The train is expected in the Vermond area by the summer of 2020. 

Check back here for more Vermont Railroaded Series coverage.

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