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The rail industry has been caught in a dilemma over the coming months.

On one side is the public’s desire to see more trains on the rails, while on the other is the rail industry’s desire not to have to wait so long for the next train to arrive.

On Monday, a report from Transport for London showed that the next railway train would be on the track by 2020, but a few months later, trains were already being run on “freeze” principles, meaning that trains could only be on one track at any given time.

This is a concept known as the “freezing principle”, and it’s an option that the rail companies have not ruled out.

The TfL report stated that the “Freezing principle” was not “invented” by the railways, but was a “common practice for some time”.

The TfT’s report stated:This is a very basic and very clear statement, which has been around for quite some time, and it should be clear to everyone in the industry.

This practice has been going on for a long time and is one of the main reasons why we are having so many delays.

The TFT also highlighted that the practice was only used for “safety reasons” and that it was a common practice for many years.

However, it was not until the summer of 2016 that the railways announced they would start freezing trains, with trains running on the same tracks for “no-load” days for one year.

This means that trains can only run on one line at any one time.

The new policy has sparked controversy, with some saying that the move was unnecessary, but that it also was dangerous.

The National Union of Railway Mineworkers (NUM) has accused the railways of “deliberately” failing to ensure safety and has called for an investigation into the practice.

The NUM, which represents thousands of workers, has called on the Government to review the “flawed” policy.

The Government has said that it is not considering whether to change the policy, but will instead be looking at ways to improve rail safety and improve “further investment in the rail sector”.

Meanwhile, Transport for Wales, which runs London’s trains, has released its own report, which concludes that the freeze was not a “safety risk”.

The report stated :This does not suggest that it has a safety advantage for the public, or for the railway.

It does not mean that it could be used to improve the quality of service or to increase efficiency.

It is not a safety issue and the government is not proposing it.

We believe the Government is simply looking for more certainty.

We also believe the government has made it clear that it will consider any additional action to improve safety as appropriate.

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