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The history of the legendary King of Pikes Peaks railway is woven into the fabric of the town. 

A local legend has been the one who ran the train from the Pikes to the mountains, which is why it’s a common sight to see locals with their arms crossed. 

“The legend is that the King of all the mountains ran the railway between the mountains,” said Jim Beaumont, a local who grew up in the area.

“It’s a legend of all that’s been done here in Pikes.” 

The legend started when the town of Piles Peak was founded in 1795. 

The town was built on the banks of the Pipes, which was then the largest waterway in the world. 

By the 1850s, Pikes had grown to include over 2,000 inhabitants and was one of the largest cities in the U.S. It was also one of America’s most important commercial centres, and the largest in the country. 

In the late 1800s, a steam locomotive was being built near the railroad tracks and it was decided to use it to connect the town with the mountains. 

But there were other options available. 

Some of the railroad was converted into a gas-powered railway, which meant that the railway could run on diesel and steam. 

Then, in 1901, a new railway was constructed and the name was changed to Pikes-Pike Line. 

As the train made its way through the mountains and eventually up to the Pines, it was called the Pike-Pikes Railway. 

And that’s where the legend of the King came to life. 

There’s a lot of legend around this town, and one of those is the legend that the locomotive that ran the Piles was named Pikes. 

Jim Beaumon says the legend is actually based on a true story. 

I’ve got a great friend who was born in Piles, he told CBC News, and when he was a kid, he’d hear stories about this train and he’d always wonder, ‘What happened to that train?’ 

He’s always wanted to know the answer, and that’s what he’s doing now.” 

According to the town, the train was called Pikes, which means ‘pike’ in the local language, because it ran on the same track as the mountains’ famous mountain railway. 

That’s why locals are known to swear by the name. 

On Saturday, the railway will be officially reopened to the public. 

All the stations will be open and people can enjoy a ride on the new Pikes Pikes Express train.

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