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When a railway set is struck by a train and the railway crew is unable to repair it, it becomes the work of the railroad labor act.

It was passed in the 1970s to make sure that if the railway workers did not repair the train, it would not be considered salvageable by the act’s owners.

The act was meant to protect the railroads and their owners from lawsuits.

But the law has been misused in recent years, and the railways have been forced to hire repair companies to replace the parts of their tracks that were damaged.

This has meant the wooden railway set at the National Railroad Museum in Grand Canyon is in danger of becoming a trainwreck.

The set, which includes a steam locomotive, a diesel locomotive and two locomotive cars, was built in the early 20th century and was used to transport the train between Los Angeles and San Francisco.

But since it was struck by an oil train in 1978, the railroad’s owners are now trying to get the set restored and put back on the rails.

The owner of the railway’s owners, the Southern Pacific Railroad Company, said it is working to rebuild the set but said it would have to do so under federal law.

“The railroad labor law, the federal Railroad Labor Act, requires that all train sets, trains, locomotives, and other types of workmanship be returned to the railroad owner or operator after the date of the enactment of the act, whichever is later,” said John W. Hirsch, vice president of corporate communications for Southern Pacific Railway.

“This is a federal statute, so we need to be very clear that this is a railroad labor problem.”

The railroad has hired the firm of Hirsch & Partners to work on the set.

The company said it plans to replace parts of the track that were struck by the oil train and restore the set to service.

The railroad company also plans to make repairs to the tracks in the vicinity of the set, the company said.

The track that was struck is near the rail lines connecting the two towns of Grand Canyon and El Dorado, the Northern California city where the train was going to run on its way to San Francisco and the Northern Nevada town of Carson City.

“It’s going to take some time, but I’m confident that we’re going to get it back to service and get this set back on rails,” said Hirsch.

The tracks were struck during a test run of a train at the Pacific Coast Railroad’s Northern California station, the first railroad in the U.S. to operate in the Northern Californian region, when oil tankers were trying to pass through the station.

The oil tanker was going up the Northern Pacific Railroad’s San Pedro Bay rail line.

It took the oil tanker nearly two hours to reach the Northern Sacramento section of the Northern San Joaquin Valley, the rail line that runs between Sacramento and the northernmost tip of the city of San Francisco, about 2,000 miles (3,200 kilometers).

Hirsch said he does not know what caused the accident, but that it was likely an accident of a nature that did not occur to him.

“If the rail track was hit by oil, there would have been an explosion, and it would be hard to tell if the oil tanker would have come through or not,” Hirsch told ABC News.

“So, yes, there is potential for a serious accident and, hopefully, no major damage.”

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