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A train journey to London from Beijing can take a whole day, but you can get to the capital in less than two hours.

China Railway Sleeping Car has teamed up with its sister company China National Railway (CNRT) to make the journey.

All you need to do is book a ticket on the website, and it will let you sleep in the train.

This is the only way to get around London without a train ticket.

Here are the steps.

Book a train to China with China Railway sleeping car A train to Beijing from Beijing costs around £100, but with this train you can sleep in one of their trains, as well as get to and from other train stations around the city.

Book your ticket online from China National Rail Travel’s website.

Get a train tickets online with China National Railroad.

Make the journey to China from London China National’s trains have two stops at the city centre, both of which are on the route to Beijing.

You can find your train ticket in your seat in China National and then board a train at the next station.

Your train will leave the city on the next train, and will leave from there.

After that you will have to find a way to exit the city, and then you will get on to the train to London.

Make sure you have your passport with you to prove that you are from the UK, or from China, if you are travelling from mainland China.

China National will then give you a train pass, which will allow you to get to London, with or without a ticket.

Once you have boarded the train, you will be greeted by a Chinese conductor, who will guide you to your train compartment, and let you get into the sleeper.

Once the train is in position, the door opens, and you will see a Chinese National station sign.

You will then be whisked off to a private compartment, where you will sleep in a bed that is about 4 metres wide, and about 8 metres long.

It is about 1,600 cubic metres, or about 6,000 cubic feet.

The train is only a 10-minute ride from the railway station.

China Rail Sleeping Car will pick you up from the train station in central London, which is about 40 minutes away, and take you back to the railway.

It will be quite easy to get on the train at that point.

Here’s how it works.

Pick up your train tickets from China Railway at a Chinese national railway station The train driver will book your ticket on Chinese National’s website, with all the details including the departure and arrival times, the time you will use and any restrictions.

Once on the phone, you can call the Chinese National office, where the conductor will arrange a seat for you.

The driver will then tell you to pick up your tickets from the station.

Pick your train up at China National railway station in London The driver picks up your ticket at the train’s departure gate.

After the train leaves the station, you have to climb aboard.

The conductor will help you to climb up the stairs and you can sit in the sleeper for up to two hours while you sleep.

Once it’s done, you should be back on the railway in the morning.

China is the world’s largest railway company, and its trains travel the length of the UK and into Europe.

You could sleep on trains in the US and Europe, too.

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