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The NHL is playing its last game of the season on Sunday, March 15.

This is the end of an era for the league and the players that make up it, but we’re still talking about it in 2018.

We’ve been told that this is the last NHL game, the one that ends the NHL’s 14-year run.

But it’s unclear what will happen to the league after this season.

It has a good chance to be a one-season playoff series, but the stakes for the rest of the regular season are much higher.

That means the league has no guarantee of its playoff future, or even if there will be a playoffs this year.

The only other thing we have to be optimistic about is that, with a couple of exceptions, this will be the last game.

It is possible that there will still be a playoff format going forward, as the NHL has always tried to do.

However, the NHL and its players are now entering the age of the TV deal and the NHLPA has to negotiate the TV rights agreement with Fox and NBC.

If that doesn’t work out, the players could choose to go their separate ways.

There are other possibilities as well, but if it ends the season without a playoff series the players will have played almost their entire careers with one league.

If the players decide to move on and pursue other opportunities, that would be a big loss for the game, and it would be nice to see the NHL have a little bit of luck.

But that doesn-t mean the players shouldn’t keep playing.

There is a reason the NHL had the longest and deepest active roster in the league before this season, and there are also reasons that we are talking about a shortened season right now.

I can’t tell you how much the players enjoy the time spent playing hockey and what it’s like to be around the players.

They are passionate about the game and they enjoy it in a lot of different ways.

But at the end you can see the players are happy with what they’ve been given and I think it’s a good thing for the sport and for the players, too.

There will be fans in the stands and fans watching on television and on the radio and fans on social media and people who watch live games online and watch in HD and on tablets and other devices.

That’s what the fans want and that’s what this is about, the fans watching in HD.

So the fans are going to love this, but that’s not the main reason to go to games in 2018 and 2019.

It’s the passion of the players and the fans.

The players know that and they have embraced the fact that this season will end.

So they will want to be back with the fans and with the players in 2018, 2019 and 2020.

We will see.

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