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Cric info The American railway union is demanding that the city of Los Angeles stop using the phrase “the American railway” as an abbreviation for the Los Angeles Regional Transit Authority, and instead refer to it as the American Pacific Railway, which operates a rail network spanning the U.S. and Mexico.

The city is also working with other rail-loving communities, such as Philadelphia and New York, to make a stronger case for the use of the term.

“We believe that if we use the phrase ‘the American rail,’ that’s how we’re going to communicate the significance of the railroad, the importance of the train and the importance to the people of the United States of the American railway,” American Railway Union President and CEO Joe L. Hoffer told the Los Angles Times.

“The name of the rail line should reflect the fact that the train is coming.

And that it is a railroad.”

In a letter sent last month, the Los Angeles City Council requested the L.A. city manager and the Los Trains transportation director to change the name of Los Trams route 5 to a shorter route 5, which connects to other rail lines in Los Angeles, Long Beach, Orange County and San Diego.

“This change will be in line with L.L.A.’s history and our heritage,” the letter stated.

“Our history of serving our people has always been that of American workers and a nation of immigrants.

This will be an honor for the city to celebrate as an American city.”

Los Angeles, like other cities, has adopted the acronym LASA in its name, although the city does not use the name for rail lines.

Los Angeles is the first American city to do so, following New York City.

The LASAS acronym was created by the American Railway Association in 1915 and was used by Los Angeles to describe the rail system.

The abbreviation is still used in Los Angales train station, where a sign at the entrance says, “the Southern Pacific is the American rail.”

The L.E.S.’s letter also urged L.C. officials to stop using “the railroad” in public documents and to adopt a new name for L.T.A., the region’s rail operator.

The letter was signed by city officials from Los Angeles County, the city, Los Angeles Police Department, the Southern California Regional Transit Agency and the LASANSA.

Los Angeles is one of more than 150 cities across the country that use the abbreviation, according to the American Association of Railroad Passengers, which counts nearly 600 major cities.

Los Angals letter calls for the LCA to adopt the abbrevations name as the region is the “capital of the Southern Pacific Railroad” in L.P.R. documents and a rail route used by L.I.R., the Southern Illinois Railway.

The Southern Pacific Railway is the second-largest rail operator in the world, after the British East India Company, with over 40 lines in 22 countries.

The L.U.S., which includes parts of the U

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