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Talylla Nellie’s train was headed north to Mysore when the wind blew its whistle.

“We’re going up to Muzzala, Mysores’ first town.

It’s a lovely day,” she said.

Talyllnn Railway, the world’s fastest railway, operates between Mysorsu and Kolkata, connecting two major metros in India.

It is the first of several trains to ply between the two cities, along with the national high speed train, the national railway and the state-of-the-art Chennai-Mysore high speed railway.

The train stopped in Kolkashi and headed towards Mysoria.

Talylla said she had not paid much attention to the noise from the train until she arrived at the town.

“The train was not moving very fast, only 10-15km per hour.

I was thinking, I am not going to stop the train and then see the people waiting on the other side,” she told NDTV.

“I had to get out of my car and get on the train.”

The train is one of three railroads in India to operate at speeds of 100km per day or higher.

But the train has an unusual speed limit: 100km/h.

This is one reason why it has been a target of activists for years.

In November, a train carrying a number of protesters who were protesting against the government’s anti-poor laws ran aground at Mysori.

At the time, the activists had complained that there was no safety for the passengers and had demanded a full investigation into the accident.

The police had already arrested three people, including two women, for causing damage to the railway.

Since then, activists have staged several protests at Talyllln railway stations demanding that the speed limit be raised.

On the eve of Talylsiyad, the anniversary of the Mysorean revolt, activists had taken out a campaign called ‘A New Railway’, calling for the railway to be opened for use.

Activists had also called for a ban on the use of loudspeakers, as well as for a safety measure to be put in place.

In December, the railway was closed after a police raid.

A senior railway official said the speed of the train was high and it was not safe for passengers to go on board.

“Our passengers are very cautious and do not want to go near the tracks.

It is also important to remember that there is no safety barrier on the tracks and the speed is not 100km a day,” the official said.

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