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On March 15, the Singapore Stock Exchange (SEX) announced the opening of a Maekline railway market.

The first Maeklin train service, the Maekshong, is scheduled to begin its service in 2019. 

It is the first time that the railway market has been opened for commercial use since the government introduced the National Rail Infrastructure Fund in 2016 to finance infrastructure projects.

The new Maekliner will be built with a total of 628 km of track. 

The company is planning to offer passengers and cargo services in four different languages including English, Mandarin and Vietnamese.

The Maeklines timetable will offer an easy-to-use timetable that allows passengers to travel as soon as the train arrives.

Singapore is the world’s second largest railway market, after the United States.

Since its inception, the Railway Development Corporation (RDC) has invested more than $200 billion in rail projects.

It has also helped fund more than 3,000 projects across the country. 

 However, the government is facing growing concerns about a lack of funds to pay for the projects. 

While it is not clear whether the government will allocate any funds for the Maechlin rail market, the railways have pledged to continue investing in the area. 

On March 29, a group of rail officials met with government officials to discuss the future of the railway sector. 

As a result, the Government of Singapore on March 28, 2019, ordered the RDC to continue financing and promoting the Maemline rail market.

In addition, the RCD will continue its role in financing infrastructure projects in Singapore through the Singapore Rail Investment Fund (SRIF). 

The government also announced that it is planning a new railway corridor, the South East Asia-South East China Corridor, that will allow it to increase rail capacity to 40 million passengers per year by 2030. 

“The Government of the Singapore has been working towards establishing a new rail corridor between Singapore and Hong Kong,” the Minister of Rail, Maritime and Transport, Dr Goh Chok Tong, said at the opening ceremony of the rail market on March 29.

“Our plan will create new jobs and improve our railway network by increasing the frequency and speed of the trains.” 

 This is a new way for Singapore to expand its railway network, which has already expanded over 1,000 km from the country’s capital city, Singapore, to Hong Kong.

Currently, Singapore’s railway system has 2,300 km of tracks.

“With the expansion of the Railway Investment Fund, we aim to double our capacity to 20 million passengers a year by 2028,” said the Minister.

“We will also provide the Government with the funds to invest in the railway network for the benefit of Singaporeans.” 

Railway investment is the biggest driver for Singapore’s economic growth and, as such, it is crucial for the government to ensure that projects are built to the highest standard.

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