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There are no shortage of reasons why Canadians love trains.

There’s the thrill of seeing a shiny new train on the tracks, or catching the first glimpse of an exciting new track.

There are the nostalgic feelings of being on a trip that will leave you breathless.

But most importantly, there’s the fact that it’s a fun, safe and efficient way to travel.

And that’s why train junkies love them.

It’s not just the thrill and beauty of riding a train, but also the fact it’s so cheap to get on and off.

Train travellers love trains, according to a new study.

The Canadian Association of Rail Passengers (Carp) conducted a survey of 1,600 rail travellers across the country to see which train they would take to work, school or the beach, and how much they would pay for it.

The results are fascinating and surprising, with rail travellers in particular being keen on trains.

It turns out, they are really good at rail travel, with a whopping 82 per cent of rail travellers stating that they would travel to work on the train.

That’s just over two per cent for people who work.

It is an incredible achievement given that people who don’t work have a very different opinion.

More than 70 per cent said that they wouldn’t buy a train to travel, while only 11 per cent would buy one.

So why are so many rail travellers so happy about trains?

According to the study, they’re mostly for the sake of their family.

“The majority of rail users surveyed said they enjoyed being on the road, and that the commute was a fun way to spend time with their family,” the study said.

“It was also shown that they enjoyed the flexibility of travelling between destinations and had been able to take on a variety of jobs in the past.”

For those who work, there is another benefit, too.

The study also found that train travellers also found rail to be an excellent way to get around town, with only a small percentage of respondents choosing a car.

And the number of people who said that trains were a great way to visit family has also increased over the years.

According to this study, the average Canadian travels a total of 8,500km on the country’s railways, which means that more than 40,000 kilometres of rail travel takes place every year.

The cost of travelling on the rail network, however, is not always a good thing.

The survey found that the average rail traveller spends $20.56 a day on their journey, or about $1,600 per year.

For people who live far away from their work, the cost of their rail journey can also be prohibitive.

In other words, a rail traveller may not be able to afford the train, and therefore they may not need it.

So is it time to give up trains?

It’s important to note that there is a certain amount of satisfaction that rail travellers get from the fact they are able to travel on the rails.

They’re a lot cheaper than car travel, and they can be more convenient for travelling.

But it’s also important to remember that not everyone has the financial means to travel rail.

Some people are also unable to afford cars, for example, and may opt for other means of transportation.

This study also revealed that there are many reasons why people are more likely to buy a ticket on the railways, such as the cost and convenience of the train itself.

“One of the reasons why rail travellers are so enthusiastic about trains is the fact the train is so cheap, and also the convenience of having access to a railway,” said Dr. Robert K. Cogley, chair of the Department of Psychology at McGill University.

“When you are on the platform, you can easily hop on the next train you come across, and you’re also able to go on a few different lines.”

Another reason that rail junkie travellers love the railways is because they are an easy way to find work.

“Rail travellers are also very attracted to the fact a train is an inexpensive way to commute to work,” Dr. Coggley said.

And while the cost does make it a less desirable option for some people, the fact remains that it is a very convenient way to move between jobs, and travel between communities.

This can be particularly beneficial to families, as families can work off the back of a small income, while travelling between work and school.

Train travel is not without its downsides.

Some train travellers say that the cost is a major reason they have no choice but to take a train.

And others say that they are just happy to be able travel on an open road, knowing that they can just get on with their day.

If you’re planning to travel by train this summer, make sure you take the time to research which route suits your needs the best.

If the weather is good, and the train stops at your destination, it’s easy to get off and walk to work. If it’s

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