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Pikes peak, Oregon, is the site of a railway station that was built in the 1920s and was closed in the 1970s when it was used to supply freight for the Oregon Pacific Railway.

This railway station has long been a tourist attraction and has been featured in movies, documentaries and television shows.

But now, the Pikes town hall is open to the public, and the author of the book, Mike W. Smith, will be visiting the site for the first time.

The Pikes Town Hall is part of a series of projects which will be presented to the town of Pike, Oregon by the Oregon Department of Forestry.

It is a project Smith has been working on for the past 10 years.

Smith has spent his entire career with the Oregon Forestry Department, but he had never previously written about the railway station before.

Smith, a professor of anthropology at Oregon State University, is currently writing a book on the history of the railroad.

He says he was interested in the train station because it was built during the Great Depression.

Smith says that, before it was closed, trains carried coal to the Portland area.

It was a very expensive operation to operate and it was a disaster in many ways.

Smith says that the train stations became a tourist destination and they became a magnet for people to come to see what the trains were capable of.

Smith has been researching the railway for a number of years.

He first got interested in this railway station because he was researching the history and the history was of a very small amount of passengers and a very little amount of freight.

Smith was fascinated by the fact that the railway’s history was so small, and that it was so close to the Pacific Ocean.

He thought it would be interesting to learn more about the life of this station and what it had to do with the Great Portland Fire.

Smith said that there are a lot of people who have heard of the Great Pikes Fire and have seen it on television.

Smith was able to find out more about it and the station’s history through his research.

He said that this is the first book he has ever written about railroad stations and that he was also interested in how people relate to railroads.

Smith hopes that by publishing the book he can help bring about change.

He says that if he can get people interested in trains and trains and railroads in general, then he hopes that there will be more people interested to get involved in this project.

Smith is also the author or co-author of several books including: The Railroads of Oregon, a collection of stories about railroad history and a biography of the first railroader.

Smith also has written several books about fire, including Fire: The History and the Fire: What It Is, a history of fires in the United States, The Railroad, A Guide to Fire in America, a book about the history, design and construction of the Pacific Northwest Railroad, and a book, The Piles: The Story of the Piles, which is the story of the Portland Piles.

Smith currently lives in Oregon.

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