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The Jerusalem Metro will soon be able to carry a train from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv, but only after its $2 billion price tag has been met.

According to the project’s website, the first phase of the high-speed line would open in 2017, while the second phase would be ready in 2020.

The rail line would connect the central business district of the Israeli capital to Haifa, and would also carry goods between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

But after the initial stages, the cost of the project would be met by the Israelis themselves, with the price tag expected to climb to $5.7 billion.

According the website, in order to finance the project, the Israelis will have to pay a total of $2.5 billion.

The project will be financed by the Israel Railways, which is a public-private partnership with the State of Israel and is run by the Jerusalem Municipality.

The Jerusalem Metro is already under construction, and the rail line is expected at completion in 2023.

The construction of the Jerusalem Metro began in 2014 and it is expected that it will cover around 30,000 kilometers (19,000 miles).

The project is a joint venture between the Israeli authorities and Israel’s national railroad company, and it was originally expected to cover around 1.2 million kilometers (890,000 mi).

In addition to the cost tag, which will be the largest for a high-tech railway in the world, there will also be other issues.

The first phase, which was to cost $2bn, is expected only to cover 1,200 kilometers (620 mi) of the line.

The second phase is expected for around 3,000 km (2,000 m).

The second phase of construction will take place in parallel with the second.

This will not be a “one-off”, as the project will not go on for another 30 years.

In addition, the Israel Railway Company will be responsible for the construction and maintenance of the network.

Construction on the Jerusalem subway is expected, with completion planned in 2026.

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