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Railway authorities are working hard to alleviate train delays across the country as they continue to deal with a surge in passenger numbers.

The peak peak demand for trains in the region peaked in November, as people travelled to the Christmas market in Melbourne and Sydney.

That number was surpassed again on Sunday, with the CTrain services in the Melbourne CBD and Melbourne’s CBD services expected to average nearly 6,000 passengers per hour.

However, some of the major network lines have been slow to re-open.

The CTrain service in Melbourne has averaged around 3,000 customers per hour during the Christmas period.

A spokesman for Victoria’s Railway and Transport Minister, Mark Bailey, said the issue was under review, but had been underlined as a priority.

“We have identified some areas of concern with the current situation, including the Ctrain service,” he said.

“These are being addressed by the operators and the C Train has been rescheduled for the following week.”

This is all part of our overall work to get the network back to full operating order.

“The Minister said the C train service would be re-opened in the coming weeks.”

There is still an ongoing work programme going on on all of the lines to reroute and to reestablish service in some areas,” he added.”

As we continue to review and assess the situation, we will have further updates on our timetable.

“In Victoria, there were about 12,000 train cancellations on Monday, according to the Department of Rail, Trains and Maritime Transport.

However that was far fewer than the peak peak.

About 1,400 people lost their jobs in the week, and more than 4,000 were affected by travel delays or cancellations.”

The numbers are lower than what you would expect for this type of time, and that’s why we are very concerned about what’s happening,” Victorian Rail Trains’ chief operating officer John O’Brien said.

He said the peak was a result of the rail network’s “highly volatile” operating environment, which had been “deteriorating” since the peak.

Mr O’Brien said the number of cancellations was “substantially higher” than usual and was likely to continue to increase.”

It’s a reflection of our operating environment which is very unstable,” he explained.”

And it’s a consequence of the high levels of demand in the market.

“The peak is expected to continue through next week.

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